Kenya’s well-being: Mudavadi indicts members of the political class

ANC Party Leader Musalia Mudavadi has challenged Kenyans to elect leaders with a vision to transform the country. Reflecting on the nation’s journey, 57 years after independence and self-rule, Mudavadi claimed that politicians have been the biggest let down in the dream to realize faster and equitable development.

More precisely, the ANC leader says the group has done little to turn around the fortunes of common citizens. He says this alone is adequate ground for leaders to review their priorities and start focusing on efforts to alleviate the suffering of Kenyans.

Mudavadi says a majority of political leaders have completely ignored the need to serve the population and have instead focused their energies on enriching themselves at the expense of the suffering masses.

He cites corruption, mismanagement of public funds, and poor policy-making decisions by leaders, both political and those heading various institutions, as the bane of the country.

“I would put the misses around political leadership. There should be a massive campaign to try and help Kenyans to focus on the whole principle of interrogating then vote, let us not have a situation whereby we fall into a trap of voting then interrogate.” Said Mudavadi.

In his Jamhuri Day message to the Nation, the one-time Vice President noted that a massive civic education campaign should be undertaken to enlighten Kenyans that the choices they make on the ballot determine the future of the nation.

“This is very critical because if you do that you end up with a situation where people who contribute to the impoverishment, through their ways of doing things and their policies which may not have been well thought out, after impoverishing you they come back to you and tell you they can provide solutions for you.” He said

Mudavadi particularly shone the spotlight on poverty saying this was one of the major challenges that the country has had to grapple with the longest. He noted that life for many Kenyans has become so unbearable as the cost of living keeps rising amid a lack of sustainable income for a majority of them.

“Life has become more expensive, they (Kenyans) feel heavily taxed, inflation is hitting and as we speak a lot of people have lost their jobs and clearly the whole aspect of the fight against poverty has been brought to fore that a lot more needs to be done.” Mudavadi pointed out.

According to Mudavadi, “the question that we must ask ourselves is that to what extent have we managed to deal with these challenges. If our forefathers came out of their resting places will they be able to say we have successfully fought against ignorance, poverty, and disease? My take is that we still have a long way to go and therefore let us refocus on those fundamental challenges.”

Over and above this, the ANC Leader has called on the country’s political leadership to shun divisive politics and come together, unite Kenyans and work for the people as they are servants to the people and not their masters.


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