KEPSA demands protection of businesses from goons

The Kenya Private Sector Alliance has warned that the prolonged uncertainty and frequent disruptions arising from the election period is undermining Kenya’s competitiveness in an increasingly competitive global economy.

The alliance says the several businesses have been forced to employ a wait-and-see attitude on key investment and spending decisions, as they await the end of the presidential election process

“The business community is a perennial victim of this disregard for the rights of others, as witnessed in the wanton destruction that is starting to become a feature of the anti-IEBC demonstrations, and the risk that those who oppose these demonstrators may resort to equally destructive counter measures. This is not right, and must stop,” said KEPSA in a statement.

The alliance is demanding protection from wanton destruction of their property.

“The business community has a right to security of their businesses and property, and the right to be free to go about their affairs in peace and security. . Like with all institutions, security forces should focus on their mandates without fear or favor and always act with restraint”.

Kepsa has also condemned calls by the opposition for weekly demos and urged politicians to allow independent institutions execute their mandate.

“The IEBC must execute its mandate in a manner that does not undermine Kenyans’ confidence in the conduct of the electoral process, and in the outcomes of this process.”

The alliance remains optimistic about the economic outlook as an attractive investment destination.

“To all investors, Kenyan and international, Kenya remains an attractive investment destination. Our noisy, colourful and very long election will, in fact, result in the country becoming an even more attractive investment destination, as dispute resolution institutions and mechanisms, and other guarantors of the rule of law, become further entrenched as they pass through this institution “character building” election period.”


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