Kerosene, diesel price up, petrol down with 46 cents

Households who use kerosene are the hardest hit in the latest fuel review by the Energy Regulatory Commission that has revised up the retail cost of a liter of paraffin by 90 cents.

Motorists who use diesel will pay 70 cents more for each liter while those using super petrol have a reprieve as a liter will cost 46 cents less.

This is despite crude oil prices reduced from an average of 69 dollars and 75 cents per barrel in January to 66 dollars and 15 cents per barrel last month.

In addition, the average monthly exchange rate saw the Kenyan shilling appreciate 1.21 percent to 101.44 in February against the US dollar.

This perhaps gave hope that pump prices would reduce when the Energy Regulatory Commission announces monthly fuel prices.

This is however not the case as the retail cost of both diesel and kerosene have been increased while that of super petrol has registered a marginal decrease.

The Energy Regulatory Commission attributes this to mixed landed cost of refined products that saw super petrol reduce 1.26% from 688 dollars and 76 cents to 680 dollar and 5 cents per ton.

The landed cost of diesel rose 4.22% to 618 dollars and 49 cents while kerosene cost 668 dollars per ton in February, representing a 3.45% increase.

This has seen the Energy Regulatory Commission reduce a liter of super petrol by 46 cents while diesel and kerosene up 90 cents and 70 cents respectively.

Those in Mombasa will buy fuel at the cheapest rate with a liter of super petrol costing KES 104.18, diesel at KES 94.59 and kerosene retailing at KES 74.69.

In Nairobi, you will pay KES 107.46 for a liter of super petrol, KES 97.86 for diesel and kerosene KES 77.45.

In Kisumu, a liter of super petrol will cost you KES 109.40, diesel KES 100.01 and kerosene at KES 79.35.

Fuel will be most expensive in Mandera with a liter of super petrol costing KES 121.27, diesel at KES 111.67 and kerosene retailing at KES 91.26.

The new prices take effect midnight.









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