Key SGR link in Naivasha to be completed in October


A railway line linking the standard gauge railway and the meter gauge railway in Naivasha will be complete in a month paving the way for seamless cargo transport between Mombasa and Malaba.

East African Community Principal Secretary Dr. Kevin Desai says after completion of the link, the government plans to introduce 24-hour service at the Inland Container Depot in Mai Mahiu.

Once the railway link in Naivasha is complete, transportation of cargo from Mombasa to Naivasha will be done through the Standard Gauge Railway then through the Meter-gauge from Naivasha to Malaba.

Dr. Kevin Desai said the government was keen on a seamless transfer of cargo from Mombasa to neighboring countries of Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi.

He says the railway is the way to go when ferrying bulky cargo noting that it was cheaper and faster compared to the road transport that has been in use for years.

On the Inland Container Depot in Mai Mahiu has so far processed over 11,000 containers, of which 36 percent are destined to neighboring countries.

The government has also earmarked funds to fully supply the industrial park with water and this is now a reality as the contractor enters the last phase.


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