KFCB bans use of obscene stage names

By Christine Muchira

Kenya Film Classifications Board (KFCB) has issued a ban of use obscene stage names by local musicians as well the selling of the music in any music outlet across the country.

Chief Executive officer KFCB Ezekiel Mutua said that some of the musicians have been using obscene stage names which were coded with graphic meaning.

Mutua said that some of the musicians have been serve with seven day notice with draw their stage names and music failure to which they face legal actions.

He said that the board has also issued notice to all music out let not to sell their music since the songs were only glorifying sex thus compromising the moral of the society.

Mutua said that musicians ought to creative in their songs which had some moral teaching to the society and not using content that was immoral.

He said that some of Musicians from Ukambani have been investigated and their music content found to in bleach of boards regulations.

The Board CEO at the same time ban the selling of any films that have not been classified by the board as the content was pornographic.

Mutua said that the films were getting to the hand of children through video kiosk being operated in the market places.

He said that the board was out safeguard the country molar fabric and that such films comprised it.

Speaking in Embu when he paid a courtesy call to the the Eastern Regional Commission Elias Kithaara he said that the crackdown of video kiosk operating with such film content will be intensified across the country.

Mutua said that   the pornographic films were being showed to minors especially now the schools are in holiday and thus corrupting the morals.


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