Rapper Kayvo Kforce has teamed up with Mr. KE4(based in the US) to release a collaborative album titled Sauti Ya Ground.

Their 10-track album recorded over three years features GJB100, Shamir, Omnivore and Gendi (an all-Kenyan list of collaborators). 

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Speaking about the collaboration Kforce said, “Sauti Ya Ground is our first ever joint album and hopefully the start of a solid collaborative endeavour for me as I take on the next era of my album releases.”

In 2023 Kayvo Kforce rebranded and promised his fans a new approach to his artistry – which would be an Afrocentric approach to his Hip hop sound. 

Sauti ya Ground’ is the rapper staying true to his word. As the name suggests, this album takes a local/African approach to Urban Rap/hip-hop music. 

It is a mashup of feel-good, inspirational music and real street Hip-hop lyrics accompanied by local/African beats and vibes.

The collaborative album acts as an introduction to their self-morphed Afro Hip Hop subgenre. 

“We appreciate the love and support as we start a new chapter in African hip-hop music. 

“We hope you’ll walk with us every step of the way as we have a lot of good music in store, also we have some more notable collaborations with other good artists from Kenya and beyond in the pipeline,” they said.

The album was written and composed by Kayvo Kforce and Mr. Ke4, produced by Rwandans Yang P and Mad BNS.

It was mixed and Mastered by So Fresh (Kenya) with recording contributions by Hitbox Music Africa, Nambanane Music, and Chambers Music.

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