Khloe Kardashian Opens Up About Designing Denim for “Real Women”

By EOnline/Evelyne Wareh

Khloe Kardashian is determined to make all women look and feel great in denim.

Before celebrating the launch of her denim line Good American, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star was able to talk about her fashionable collection. After spending a few years never wearing denim, the business woman believes she has helped create a brand that is ideal for any lady of any size.

“I think the selling point for me was having a really wide range of sizes and not trying to segregate people into shopping the plus-size. I really want to break down those barriers and have a denim line for real woman,” she explained.

“When I used to shop for premium denim at high-end boutiques, they would go up to a size eight or ten. I was I’d say a size 12 at the time and I would get so embarrassed going with my sisters.”

She added, “I want to be able to have denim because even if you’re a little bigger, you still want to be trendy and cute and show off your curves.”

As Khloe continues working out on a regular basis, the reality star joked that she’s started to “live in denim” and make up on lost years. And while she has a full plate each and every day, Khloe has the perfect 30-minute workout for a girl on the go.

“Because you can travel with a jump rope, jump roping,” Khloe revealed. “You think it sounds easy but my trainer told me try to do 800 jumps in like 5 minutes and I had to work my way up there.”

She continued, “You think it’s so easy but it’s f–king hard. It’s ridiculous, but it’s the best workout and probably the shortest workout you can do and it’s full body. It’s everything, but it’s exhausting.”

In the middle of celebrating the launch of her new collection available online and at Nordstrom stores beginning this Tuesday, the reality star is also having some fun.

When asked about her recent trips to Ohio to support the NBA player, Khloe couldn’t help but show her happiness.

“I’m having a great time in Ohio. I really like it. It’s mellow and nice,” she shared. “We should do an appearance at a Nordstrom out there.”


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