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Kiambu County launches county integrated development plan 2023-2027


The County Government of Kiambu has unveiled a Ksh168 billion five-year development plan.

The regional government in its third “County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP) 2023-2027” launched by Governor Wamatangi raised the five-year budget projection by Ksh52 billion from Ksh116 billion in 2018-2022 when only Ksh61.8 billion was mobilized.

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The Governor said Ksh127.9 billion will be drawn from the equitable share (76.9 billion), own source revenue and conditional grants (Ksh52 billion) while Ksh40 billion is to be realized through partnerships with the national government, private sectors and donors. In the 2023-2024 financial year,

He said that the county intends to operate with an annual budget of Ksh21.6 billion, in the next year, the figure is set to rise to Ksh23 billion, Ksh25.3 billion in 2025-2026, 2026-2027 (Ksh27.5 billion) and Ksh29.9 billion in the last financial year.

“By 2027, the County wants to have delivered to the people of Kiambu, a totally transformed county that will be the example of what devolution was meant to be.
It is therefore by pride and pleasure in presenting a CIDP that is a covenant with the people of Kiambu, and which is anchored on governance, people, resources and competitiveness in making Kiambu great again mantra, has laid emphasis on health, education, water connectivity, roads, agriculture, affordable housing and digitization of land registry, ICT as well as youth empowerment.” Wamatangi said.

The health sector, which has been grappling with congestion in hospitals, inadequate equipment and staffing as well as inconsistency in drug supply, has the highest projection of Ksh40 billion, 26pc.

The Budget Committee Chairperson Josephine Nduta urged the Governor to go out and implement the Projects that the residents raised during their Public Participation saying as the budget committee they have passed a budget of 22 billion for 2023-2024 that the Executive need to implement.

Her sentiment were echoed by the Majority Leader who said for the Governor to achieve his CIDP there must be consulted efforts from all stakeholders.

Area Members of Parliament led by Ruiru MP Simon Kingara and Kiambu County MP Anne Wamuratha blamed the Kiambu electorates for changing leadership just within one term saying an elected leader serving one term cannot be able to fulfill his Manifesto Agenda and therefore urged the people of Kiambu to give the governor a chance to achieve his CIDP dreams by electing him for two terms.

Wamuratha however appealed to Governor Wamatangi to end the stalemates that have been experienced at Kiambu hospitals.

She also said that the past regime left huge pending bills that have affected contractors and suppliers.


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