Kilifi family left homeless after private developer demolishes their houses

A family in Kilifi has been left homeless after a private developer demolished their property on their ancestral land. 

The family members were forced to sleep in the cold early Sunday morning when hired goons armed with crude weapons under the guard of Police officers from Mtwapa police station ordered the family and tenants out of their houses before a bulldozer flattened the houses.

The family of the late Mzee Charo led by his three sons Reynold Karisa, Ismail Charo and Haroun Tete the families said were woken up at the wee hours of morning by the rubble of a bulldozer and banging doors of police officer who were accompanied by hired goons and were ordered vacate their dwellings.

According to Ismail Charo, the private developer known to them started terrorizing them after their mother died.

Osoro says that the alleged land grabber brought a court order barring them from burying their diseased in their ancestral land which they have occupied since 1943 when their late father bought it and they had to seek intervention from their local administration to bury their mother.

Reynolds Karisa, the late mzee Charo Karisa eldest son said they had occupied the land for more than 60 years and inherited it after their both parents died.

According to Reynold, the land grabber and speculator bought a plot to build a house from their adjacent neighbor in 1991 but without their knowledge he colluded with Kilifi County land officers doctored a fake title deed and he now wants to take their land through a mixture of forgeries and coercion.

The family is now appealing for intervention through the government to help in salvaging their land from the unscrupulous land grabber who is using police officers to silence and intimidate them.


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