A section of Kilifi Members of County Assembly have raised alarm over the ongoing impersonation by fraudsters using their names to intimidate members of the public Members of the public have also complained of people impersonating leaders to swindle money from unsuspecting residents. The concerns come days after a man with a gun confronted a family in Sabaki ward and introduced himself as the MCA for Ganda yet he was not. According to Andrew Gona, a resident of Kwa Ndomo area in Sabaki ward, the man wanted the family to vacate a one acre piece of land. “He introduced himself as councilor for Ganda ward Oscar Wanje but we found out he was not the one, we immediately called our Sabaki ward councilor to confirm,” he said. A frightened Ganda MCA Oscar Wanje told journalists that he was living in fear of his life since the impersonator had gone a step further by brandishing a gun to the residents which he described as a security scare. “I received a disturbing call from the MSA for Sabaki Rose Baraka that I had stormed a family land in her area and this shocked me. I visited the area together with Malindi town ward MCA Rashid Odhiambo and the residents were shocked to find out that I was the real MCA,” he said. He warned members of the public to be vigilant and report any suspicious characters to their leaders and authorities. Mr. Odhiambo said that it was uncouth for people to impersonate leaders with an aim of harming or defrauding residents. “We condemn such acts and people should stop using the names of MCAs to intimidate members of the public,” he said. Kilifi County Assembly Speaker Teddy Mwambire said that he had received information that his MCAs were being impersonated and some people had even lost money to fraudsters using the names of MCAs. “I have received various complaints from MCAs and members of the public that people were using the names of MCAs to defraud them but the Sabaki incident is a very serious one because weapons are involved. None of my MCAs is a gun handler and when such an incident happens then their lives are in danger,” he said. Mr. Famau Mohamed, a respected community leader in Malindi asked MCAs to be in touch with their constituents to stem impersonators from taking advantage of their absence to cause havoc. “The MCAs should also be frequenting the areas they represent so that people can take note of them,” he said.

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