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Kindiki: Police did not engage in extrajudicial executions

Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki has refuted claims that National Police Service (NPS) officers and other law enforcement personnel are engaged in extrajudicial executions and/or excessive use of force against the public.

“The NPS and other national security organs remain neutral, impartial and professional and shall not be drawn into political, ethnic or such other sectarian nuances whatsoever,” he emphasized.

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Through a statement, Kindiki said that the claims are malicious, false and intended to distort public opinion regarding the recent orgy of violence that took place during the Azimio protests in some parts of the Country.

“The architects of this false and distorted narrative bear the greatest responsibility for planning, financing and executing heinous crimes resulting in death and injury of civilians and law enforcement officers and massive destruction of private and public property during the past few weeks,” read the statement in part.

The Interior CS in addition revealed that during the past week, a large cache of conventional and crude weapons, narcotic drugs and cash were intercepted on their way to fuel the riots that rocked some parts of the Country.

Furthermore, “it has been established that licensed and unlicensed civilian firearms supplied by the masterminds of the recent violence were used to kill or injure civilians and security personnel, and the blame shifted to security officers.”

“The scale of violence and destruction occasioned by persons masquerading as peaceful protestors exercising their Constitutional rights shock the conscience of mankind.”

Kindiki however says that investigative and intelligence agencies are analyzing solid evidence in their possession after which will be used to prosecute the key planners, executers and financiers of large-scale arson, violent robberies and destruction of infrastructure, as well as death and injury of civilians and security personnel.

“Relevant agencies of the criminal justice system will proceed to conclude analysis of the available evidence to bring to account all those involved, notwithstanding their antics of politicization and ethnicization of the grave matter of widespread lawlessness, crime and impunity, in a clear but hopeless ruse aimed at deflecting the inevitable consequence of accountability,”

“In the coming days, weeks and months, the masterminds of widespread violence against the people of Kenya, including those associated with the huge consignments of money and weapons which were intercepted on their way to harm the public have a date with accountability,” he concluded.


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