King Kaka, Jadi showcase police brutality in new video

The music video also comes with a sign language interpreter.

King Kaka and RnB group Jadi have released a new song “Tena” a showcase as well as a political statement about rampant police brutality in Kenya.

The music video shows two brothers walking home at night, played by two members of the music group Jadi, before being slain by police. A presentation that is eerily similar to how 22-year-old Benson Njiru Ndwiga and his 19-year-old brother Emmanuel Mutura Ndigwa died, now infamously known as the Kianjokoma brothers’ murder.

The story in the video is told with a mournful hook and King Kaka’s educative rap paints a grim picture of the many ‘curfew deaths’ that continue to happen throughout the country.

King Kaka has never been one to shy away from making political statements through his music, his most recent widely popularised Ganji series premiered early this year and features 6 episodes including “Tunajua Ganji”, “Ganji ya Kanisa”, Ganji ya Karao” and “Shida” that all showcase the rot of corruption within Kenya’s most valued systems.

The new music video was produced by Jadi and comes with a sign language interpreter. Stream it here.


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