Kenyan rapper and entrepreneur King Kerby has released his third studio album and his first under the Zama Sessions distributions imprint dubbed,  Saba.

Saba was recorded in Cape Town, and partially in Nairobi, highlighting the range of sound tapestry and culture infused into the body of work. 

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For his third studio effort, and with the help of production studio Zino D, LD Beats and More juice, the album fuses hip-hop, Alt R&B and trap to create an eclectic body of work.

Some of the notable songs include “Flow So Cold” featuring O’Hara, “Out The Way” featuring newcomer Ta’Eish, and the energetic “Wengi”. 

King Kerby’s other solo studio offerings include 2016’s Metro Empathy and 2018’s Mapenzi Sio Dini

King Kerby, an Unkut Hip Hop nominee, has released multiple singles this year in anticipation of his Zama Sessions debut, Saba

“The record is called Saba because that is the number of divine alignment and purpose. This is my superstar era and I want to hug it as tightly as possible. The music, business, and all my actions reflect this because the inner work has been done and now the music can thrive off that,” Kerby says of the album. 


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