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King Mohammed VI issue Scholarships to Palestinian Students


King Mohammed VI of Morocco has offered scholarships to 100 Palestinian students from the Gaza Strip studying in Morocco.

In his statement, King Mohammed VI,who is also the Chairman of the Al-Quds Committee, directed the allocation of additional scholarships to Palestinian students.

The scholarships are within the framework of scholarships granted by the Moroccan Agency for International Cooperation.

The scholarships, numbering around 100, will benefit Palestinian students originating from the Gaza Strip and enrolled in universities and higher institutes across various regions of the Kingdom.

This royal initiative is part of the generous and consistent benevolence that the King continues to extend towards the just and immutable Palestinian cause.

It also reflects active solidarity with the Palestinian people, especially in these challenging circumstances.

The King has ordered that these scholarships be made immediately available to Palestinian students meeting the required conditions.

This will be done in coordination with the Palestinian Authority.

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