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Kirinyaga gets alternative power from Ksh 96M mini station 

Hydrobox and Solar Now have commissioned a hybrid solar and hydro power plant that will provide stable electrical output throughout the year to the residents of Kirinyaga County.

Hydro Box Sales Manager, Annelies Vanderwaeren said the mini power station shows the firm’s commitment to providing communities and businesses with reliable and eco friendly electricity.

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“We hope to impact rural communities and businesses like hotels, hospitals and schools in central Kenya not being able to run daily operations due to lack of sustainable, affordable and reliable power with access to power,” she said.

Gitwamba Power plant has a solar system that will provide additional power during the dry season while the hydro power plant will provide additional capacity during the rainy season.

According to Solar Now Director, Ernst Vriesendorp, everyone should have access to affordable and reliable energy since they provide over 50,000 rural consumers and small businesses with power while offering client financing solutions and support Businesses and Institutions with design and Installation of their Solar System Solutions.

“The innovative aspect of this is the combination of hydro and solar necause sun isn’t always thee and water is not always in constant flow therefore the combination will provide constant supply of energy, We call upon the government to make the permit process for acquiring these lands for the plant set up more accessible,” said Ernst .

HydroBox and Solar Now aims to address customer needs when building appropriate energy solutions where African power challenges experienced in the hardest reach areas of the continent can be solved through new business models supported with the latest technology and flexible financing.

The partnership will also allow developers to tap into a wider pool of talent, skills and experience, ensuring high quality of work and long term sustainability of projects.

Approximately 170 entities will benefit from the project including 8 schools, 2 medical facilities, 10 businesses resulting in the creation of 6 new direct jobs and 17 indirect jobs.

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