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KIsii MCAs table motion to impeachment Deputy Governor

A motion of removal from Office by impeachment of the Kisii Deputy Governor Dr. Robert Monda, has been tabled before the County Assembly.

In their motion, the Members of the County Assembly accused the Deputy Governor of gross violation of the Constitution, abuse of office, gross misconduct, and committing crimes under national law.

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The motion which was moved by Ichuni Ward Representative Wycliffe Siocha, comes seven days after 51 Members of the County Assembly express support for the removal of the Deputy Governor.

Siocha said the County Assembly had resolved to remove Dr. Monda from the office, according to Article 181 of the Constitution of Kenya.

He pointed out that the Deputy Governor had grossly violated the Constitution by requesting and receiving a bribe of Sh800,000, to compromise the integrity of the recruitment institution of Gusii Water and Sanitation Company (GWASCO).

“The Deputy Governor used his Office to improperly confer a benefit to himself, when he solicited a sum of Sh800,000 from one, Dennis Mokaya and his family, under the pretext to secure him a job, for the said post of a Commercial Manager of GWASCO, an entity of Kisii County Government,” said Siocha.

Dr. Monda was also accused of sending a sum of Sh100,000 to the Managing Director of GWASCO, in an attempt to influence the award of a contract of employment for Dennis Mokaya, a request that was turned down and the money refunded.

Siocha told the Assembly that Dr. Monda, had also abused the Office of the Deputy Governor, through his actions of soliciting Sh800,000 and subsequently sending Sh100,000 to GWASCO, Managing Director (MD), to influence the award of a contract of employment of the preferred interviewee.

The Deputy Governor is also accused of Gross Misconduct by interfering with the recruitment at GWASCO by attempting to bribe the Managing Director, with a sum of Sh100,000 in May 2023, contrary to Article 75 of the Constitution.

“The Deputy Governor’s engagement, connivance, and or complicit behaviour boils down to Gross Misconduct and Gross Abuse of Office,” Siocha said.

The MCA told the Assembly that the actions of the Deputy Governor of soliciting money and conferring a financial benefit on himself and subsequently, attempting to influence the award of a contract for a preferred candidate, had also violated Section 6 of the Bribery Act.

Nominated MCA, Caren Magara, seconded the Motion, noting that the Motion mover had demonstrated that the Deputy Governor had grossly violated the Constitution of Kenya, which he swore to uphold and protect.

“As a state officer, he contravenes the tenets of leadership and integrity, under the Leadership and Integrity Act 2012 and the Deputy Governor needs to be held accountable for receiving a bribe,” Magara said.

Speaking to the press after the session, Bokimonge Ward MCA, Amos Onderi, said the motion moved, Wednesday, morning was completely different from the Notice of Motion presented to the Assembly last week, thereby, violating the Standing Orders of the County Assembly.

“The Standing Orders require that when you move the Motion, the Motion must be similar in form and content, as the Notice that was given,” noted Onderi.

In addition, the Bokimonge MCA, termed the allegations as malicious and a political witch hunt and questioned why the House was following up on the Deputy Governor, several months after he received a bribe.

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