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Kitui County, USAID launch oxygen plant

The county government of Kitui in partnership with  USAID has launched an oxygen plant worth over $200,000, in a bid to swiftly respond to the need of patients who are in urgent need of oxygen and those suffering various respiratory challenges.

The plant has the capacity to refill 10 oxygen cylinders at a go and would be of help to various hospitals in Mwingi region, being the only rearrest oxygen plant in the area.

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Speaking during the launch of the plant, Kitui Governor Dr. Julius Malombe said that he was honored to open the project, as it would be of great help to the locals and other neighboring hospitals.

The governor also promised to uplift the state of the hospital to better standards and to make it a county teaching and referral hospital in the long run.

USAID Africa Deputy Director Bert Ubamadu said that the construction of the $200 thousand worth of plant in Kitui was necessitated by the need for oxygen and the climatic conditions in the region.

However, he could for proper maintenance of the facility in order to enable it to serve for the over 15 years lifetime prescribed in the design.

Kitui CECM for health Ruth Koki on her side lauded Kitui governor for facelifting Mwingi Level IV hospital in his first term as the governor of Kitui and his current plans to better the hospital. She also thanked USAID for the construction of the oxygen plant which would help save many lives.

Mwingi Level IV Hospital Medical Superintendent Dr. Evans Mumo thanked the development partners for constructing the oxygen plant, saying that so far over 100 mothers had undergone c-section through the aid of oxygen generated by the plant.


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