Kitui, Machakos, Makueni counties sign first joined agreement

The South Eastern Kenya Economic Block (SEKEB) has held its first joint cabinet meeting and reached an agreement solely aimed at rolling back poverty and boosting the region’s economic growth.

Ukambani governors Alfred Mutua,(Machakos)Charity Ngilu (Kitui) and Kivutha Kibwana (Makueni) said SEKEB was purely an economic vehicle and they will not tolerate it being politicised.

The three county chiefs said SEKEB would revolutionise ukambani and bring about economic freedom by maximizing resource use and turning the people to be more of producers rather than consumers.

” Today is a historic day  in the fight against poverty in Ukambani. The signing of this South Eastern Kenya Economic Bloc (SEKEB) agreement provides us, the three Governors a chance to jointly provide rapid, result based leadership for the great people of Ukambani” Said Governor Mutua.

They were speaking outside governor Mutua’s office on Saturday during the historical joint cabinet meeting bringing together county executives from Machakos, Makueni and Kitui.

“Historically, the Kamba people were renown long distance traders and agriculturalists. Along the way, we lost this progress due to poor leadership. We hope the new awakening through a synchronized regional development will restore this forgotten history.” Governor Kibwana

” The SEKEB agreement which Machakos Alfred Muta, Kutui Governor Charity Ngilu and I have approved is a development covenant of the people of Ukambani from the grass roots, with us governors as the stewards. Said Governor Kibwana.

“We will be having a joint meeting like this of today quarterly revolving in the three counties.” Governor Ngilu.

She said as the region’s governors they had put their political differences aside for the sake of the region’s unity and embarked on a road map for economic liberation of its people.

Ngilu She said time is now ripe for the region and its people to get empowered to generate and protect their wealth in efforts to regain and emerge as a powerful economic status.

Ngilu said the three counties will not allow wrangling amongst them but instead they will embrace SEKEB in fighting poverty, suffering and fear which she identified as the greatest enemies of the region.

Governor Ngilu added that the wealth in resources both material and human resources places the region in a promising position to propel the region to be the status of Singapore within a short period of time.

“We have everything, we only lacked leadership but that gap has been closed now by SEKEB which jointly unites the region with a similar vision and aspirations,” said Ngilu.

She cautioned detractors not to politicize SEKEB arguing it’s the best liberation of the Kamba nation after Kenya’s independence.

“SEKEB is not political. We’ve had enough politics. What value have you added to the region? If you have no substance please stay at home rather than peddle lies to disintegrate the visionary economic endeavour” Ngilu said.

Earlier on, the three county executives held separate cabinet meetings with their respective governors before merging and coming up with the agreement which will also see the establishment of a bank.


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