Kituyi: I stand a better chance to succeed President Kenyatta

Immediate Former United Nations Conference on Trade and Development Secretary-General Mukhisa Kituyi has made clear his intentions to vie for the country’s presidency when the next elections are called.

Kituyi made the revelation Sunday after jetting back to the country, a week after he tendered his resignation from the UN trade agency.

In his first address to the press at a Nairobi hotel, the former Trade Minister in President Mwai Kibaki’s administration noted that he wants to make use of the experience he has gained over the years, including at the UN, to turn around the fortunes of Kenya, if given a chance to lead after President Uhuru Kenyatta’s exit.

Knowing the political dynamics in his motherland, the former Kimilili lawmaker acknowledges that it will not be a walk in the park. He however does not berate his chances of ascendency to the country’s topmost political office.

And he thinks he stands a better chance to succeed President Kenyatta.

“As I come in, I cannot pretend any superior knowledge of where this country is and where it is going. But I have the privilege of standing outside the forest I can see the canopy better than those who are next to the steps.” He said

He made a strong case for his candidature adding that “while we all celebrate the ingenuity of the Kenyan population you’ll never know it until you see a few other places and I have had the privilege to see a few other places.”

While noting he is alive to the fragility of economic recoveries especially after the pandemic, the former minister warned that the political situation in the country may not augur well for the country’s economy in the long-term.

“In politics, if public leaders intensify toxic exchanges it impacts the sentiment in economic investor thinking.” He warned

He said the country is currently experiencing tension arising from heightened political activity and the use of what he termed as ‘unsavory language’ by key players. This, he said, is counterproductive, especially now that the country will be in transition.

“One of the weak sides of a struggling democracy is the cost associated with transitions.” He said

“As I walk back home, I wanted to the opportunity of my first press conference to urge all our leaders that they can settle scores but don’t settle as lower.” He pleaded

Having been away for seven and half years, Kituyi admits that he will have to reach out to others on what he described as a “learning exercise” to try to understand the sense of the Kenyan population and its challenges.

“My learning experience will begin in my home area in Western Kenya in the next few weeks. Consult, seek advice but also seek blessings” He disclosed.

Immediately after this is done, Kituyi says he will return to the capital where he will officially launch campaigns to become the President of the Republic of Kenya.


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