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KMPDU: Prioritise issues raised by healthcare workers

Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentist Union (KMPDU) has condemned the recent threats and intimidation into abandoning their legitimate struggles for better pay and conducive working environment.

Addressing journalists after meeting Doctors in Kirinyaga, KMPDU Secretary General Dr.  Davji Atellah said that it is deeply disappointing that instead of providing solutions to the issues raised in the strike notice, the employers have resulted in threats and intimidation.

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The union has advised the employers to focus their attention and efforts on addressing the issues affecting healthcare workers adding it is the high time priority is given in addressing the welfare of health workers and the health of the citizens adding that petty politics should be shunned in places of health care services delivery.

Dr Atellah said that governors, referral hospitals management and the ministry of health should intimidate doctors with cheques of the seven year arrears that they owe doctors.

He said that the employer must expedite the promotion of all doctors who are due for promotion saying that there are doctors who have stagnated for more than 15 years at entry levels adding that it is a shame that some governors have the audacity to threaten them.

The union has also demanded the reinstatement of doctors who were sacked in Kirinyaga in 2019 saying that the public service commission and the court issuing orders to that effect, the county has still not reinstated them.

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