KMPDU urges MPs to reject proposed Health Amendment Bill

The Kenya Medical Practitioners Pharmacists and Dentists Union (KMPDU), Health Unions and Professional Health Associations have urged Parliament to reject the proposed Health Amendment Bill, 2021 that is before the National Assembly.

KMPDU Secretary General, Dr. Davji Atellah, said the proposed Bill which is in the second reading, is an attempt to remove professionals from the Councils and Boards, which he said will result in the loss of regulations if it is passed.

He said if the Bill sails through, it will remove the health cadres from managing health facilities and replaced them with non-professionals, as those who will be delegated with the role of selection may not adhere to professionalism.

“Very soon we will have hospitals and different facilities being led and managed by non-medical professionals and in this regard the technical know-how and operations of those facilities will be lost,” said Dr. Atellah.

Addressing the media outside Parliament Building on Tuesday, the KMPDU officials led by their Secretary General, decried that the Bill seeks to interfere with the independence of the health sector and to prevent it from self-regulating itself.

“As professionals, we believe that peer to peer regulations is under national process and must be well observed in our country for us to get quality services for every institution and at  every level,” he said.

In his address, the Chairperson Kenya Union of Nurses, Peterson Wachira, said it is only the Members of Parliament, who will save the country from the tragedy that is  about to befall the health sector by rejecting the Bill.

“We are here to ask Parliamentarians that the Health Laws Amendment Bill of 2021, deserves only one action of rejection in total, so that we can go for consultations so as to come up with a Bill that is progressive and is going to work for Wanjiku,” he added.

He noted that the Health Amendment Bill will prevent the achievement of the ambitious Universal Health Coverage (UHC) scheme in the country, adding that the quality of health service is among the pillars that make up the UHC.

In his remarks, the President of the Kenya Dental Associations, Dr. Tim Theuri, said that there has been a systemic and very well calculated move, that is now showing that the health professionals are not being recognized and not being allowed to do their work in the Country.


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