KNBS asks media to report objectively on census results 

The Director-General of the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) Zachary Mwangi has asked the media to report objectively on the recently released National Population and Housing Census 2019 provisional results.

Mwangi said the Census results are 99% accurate and that the enumeration was carried out with precision through use of information technology.

“This success is attributed to the dedication and hard work by all Census personnel, cooperation by the public and the use of modern digital technology during the entire census process,” said Mwangi and added, “Effective use of digital technology ensured the speed of data processing and data security. This contributed to the short time within which the census results were released.”

The Director-General said the numbers released of 47.6 million people reflects the Kenya population as at 24th August 2019.

“The results followed administrative boundaries which are not necessarily one to one with the political boundaries,” he said.

Mwangi said population size is influenced by fertility, mortality and migration and should not be seen from the single dimension of births and fertility alone. While giving an update on the National Population and Housing Census 2019 provisional results, Mwangi said KNBS is developing more publications from the census results through further processing of the data and “will provide an explanation for the magnitude of numbers that have been released.”

He said by February next year, the Bureau will release a publication on population numbers up to sublocation level adding that the current publications are according to administrative locations of the National, the Counties and Sub-Counties. By August 2020 the Bureau will generate census by fertility rate, mortality rate and migration.

Other reports to be released by KNBS are Population distribution by administrative units (up to sub-location level); Population Distribution by Age and Sex by county; Population distribution by Political units (constituencies and wards) and Population distribution by Housing and Socio-economic characteristics.

By the end of August 2020 KNBS hopes to prepare in-depth analytical reports including; Education, Housing, disability, mortality, labour force, fertility and nuptiality. “These reports will be released before end August 2020,” he added.


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