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KNUT Narok Branch holds elections

Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) Narok Branch has elected a new Chairperson and other two officials in a by-election that was held at Ole Ntimama Stadium, Narok County. 

Newton Koech, was elected the new Chairperson after facing stiff competition from the union’s former Vice-Chairman Wilson Tololo.

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Koech garnered 801 votes to win the position in a by-election that involved 1,000 teachers from larger the Narok County. Tololo managed 460 votes to come second.

David Mantirra was elected the union’s Vice Chairperson while Samuel Chang the Branch Executive Committee official to represent Mulot region that includes Sogoo, Sagamian and Ilmotiok in Narok.

The Branch Chairmanship position has been vacant following the resignation of Robert Simotwo, who joined the County government of Narok as the County Executive Committee for Education, Youth Affairs and Sports, Gender, Culture and Social Services last year.

In his acceptance speech, Koech said the win is for all teachers and assured the members that he will endeavor to support and champion their welfare and review of their salaries.

“I appreciate all the teachers from the Narok County for electing me and I promise to fight for their rights,” said Koech.

The newly elected Chairman also promised to fight early pregnancy menace in the county and asked teachers and other stakeholders to join hands and ensure the vice is snipped in the bud.

Narok Branch, KNUT Secretary General Simiren Soiyiantet intimated that the union is making efforts to address challenges that teachers face in their line of duty by ensuring that they are guaranteed good working environment.

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