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Konza Technopolis to use asphalt reinforcement grids at Konza-Mombasa Highway junction

Admir Technologies Kenya Country Manager Eng. Anthony Irungu (right) guides road construction technicians applyting Asphalt reinforcement grids at Konza Technopolis

Konza Technopolis has adopted an advanced civil engineering solution from Admir Technologies Kenya Limited in the ongoing development of a road linking the Technopolis to the main Nairobi-Mombasa Highway.

Speaking at the commencement of the road construction works, Admir Technologies Kenya Country Manager Eng. Anthony Irungu said Italian Construction firm ICM Maltauro had partnered with Admir to integrate an asphalt reinforcement solution.

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“Asphalt reinforcement grids play a pivotal role in this endeavour by assisting in load distribution, preventing reflective cracks, and increasing the load-bearing capacity of the reinforced pavement layer. Moreover, these grids enhance the tensile strength capabilities of bituminous layers, ensuring durability and longevity,” Eng. Francis Kibara, the Konza Technopolis engineer in charge of Streetscapes, said.

He added, “At Konza Technopolis, Admir Technologies is collaborating with ICM Maltauro to supply and install Hatelit C17/40 asphalt reinforcement grids.” Highlighting the significance of the day’s exercise, Eng. Kibara noted that finally, Konza Technopolis has been linked to the rest of Kenya’s infrastructure by the completion of the link to the Nairobi – Mombasa highway and is now more than ready for business. He described this as a significant milestone.

This solution increases the strength of the asphalt by up to 40% to ensure that heavy trucks and related traffic entering the Technopolis do not damage the road. Geo-synthetics are manufactured synthetic materials (made from polymers orhydrocarbon chains) used for a wide range of engineering applications. In infrastructure development, geo-synthetics, including geo cells, geogrids, and geo textiles, increase the pavement’s load-bearing capacity while significantly reducing the pavement thickness. This reduces both cost and construction time.

“The innovative solution increases the load-bearing capacity on this road section outside our weight-controlled road network by spreading the wheel load through the asphalt reinforcement grid solution. This also reduces potential rutting, which would lead to pavement failure,” Eng. Kibara explained.

Admir Africa is one of Africa’s leading geo synthetics design, supply, and installation solution providers, with a presence in over eight countries. Geo synthetic solutions have been technically proven and cost-effective in engineering projects such as roads, airport runways, railway lines, seaports, dams, retaining walls, reservoirs, waste landfills, stabilizing slopes, drainage, and many other applications.

The strategic partnership underscores the Konza Technopolis Development Authority’s commitment to deploy innovative solutions for sustainable urban development. By leveraging Admir Technologies Kenya Limited’s expertise, Konza Technopolis aims to set new standards in road infrastructure and ensure a seamless experience for residents, commuters, and visitors alike.

Dubbed the “Silicon Savannah,” Konza Technopolis is poised to become a modern metropolis featuring cutting-edge facilities such as hospitals, schools, universities, light manufacturing industries, homes, and commercial spaces.

The development authority implements state-of-the-art infrastructure to support this vision, including smart roads for safety, convenience, and longevity.



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