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Koskei urges foreign missions to support Kenya in fight against graft

Chief of Staff and Head of Public Service, Felix Koskei has called upon heads of foreign missions to support efforts to carry out studies on the scale of corruption in the country.

Koskei, who met 13 heads of foreign missions to Nairobi to discuss areas of mutual cooperation in the government’s fight against corruption said the vice is currently a matter of public conjecture.

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“Friends have come in a big way to strengthen institutions such as EACC, but still there’s a problem,” Koskei said during the meeting, which took place at a Nairobi hotel.

“It is because the people at the space where corruption thrives–civil servants–have not been focused,” he added

Koskei and the ambassadors agreed on the need to identify key government institutions which are most susceptible to high graft and concentrate efforts to eliminating the vice, and thus set them up as an example to the rest.

“The political goodwill that was not there is now there,” said Koskei.

“What we need with EACC is to strengthen it’s prevention departments,” he said, noting that prosecution of graft cases is usually a lenghty and complex process.

He said the government is determined to place all its services on the E-Citizen platform within a month as a way of minimizing human contact, which is often the genesis of corruption deals within government institutions.

Koskei thanked the ambassadors for their continued financial and technical support in strengthening government institutions that are critical in the fight against graft, such as the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC), the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), and the Directorate of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

Some of the ambassadors present during the meeting included Stephen Jackson (UN Resident Coordinator), Marc  Dillard, (Deputy Chief of Mission, US), Neil Wigan (UK), Christoper Thornley (Canada), Alexander Fierley (Deputy Ambassador, Germany), Trine Gronborg (Deputy Ambassador, Denmark ), and Pirrka Tapiola (Finland) among others.

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