KPMDU wants countrywide health workers sensitization campaign launched

The Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Union-KMPDU has called on the government to urgently roll out a countrywide sensitization campaign of all health workers on Coronavirus.

In a statement, KMPDU Secretary-general Ouma Oluga said health workers are the most vulnerable yet they are ill-equipped and are still unprepared to handle Coronavirus cases.

Oluga called on the government to generally improve the welfare of health workers by among others, addressing the severe shortage of health workers in the country.

He said the union can help mobilize thousands of unemployed medical professionals.

He also called on both public and private hospitals to provide health workers attending to the Coronavirus suspected cases with call rooms, to prevent them from coming into contact and exposing their families and other members of the public at large.

The KMPDU boss also urged the government to set aside a facility with ICU level support for isolation and treatment of health workers that may be affected by the Coronavirus.

The union urged health workers to first ensure their own safety and protection, even as they attend to patients.


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