KRA enforces monitoring through RECTS

Introduction of the Regional Cargo Tracking System has helped boost tax collection from customs by 17 per cent.

Kenya Revenue Authority Commissioner for Customs and Border Control Kevin Safari said the system has ensured 90 per cent of cargo is checked and has reduced cases of cargo diversion.

The system offers real-time scanning and inspection as well as transport information. This information is then used to track cargo in efforts to reduce cases of diversion.

The taxman hosted the Secretary-General World Customs Organization Dr Kunio Mukuriya who said Kenya is central in the regions supply chain and that a reliable cargo system goes a long way in ensuring that the transport time is reduced.

KRA Commissioner for Customs and Border Control Kevin Safari said the overall aim is to make custom border checks redundant and in addition to eliminating opportunities for cargo diversion that existed due to border changeover processes when each country uses separate cargo tracking systems.

The system has integrated cargo tracking platforms across Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda meaning that KRA can track the cargo before it enters the country and after it leaves.



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