Serro announces the release of her debut album Kuwe set for 30th May 


Serro says the album aptly named Kuwe, Zulu for “For You”, is a gift to her fans. Serro has built a name for herself consistently as one of Kenya’s top live performers since her days at the Sauti Academy. Using her signature style of a fusion of benga and jazz each of her songs is an African story told from an African perspective.

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“Ya Dunia”, which is also a single off the upcoming album is one such song. The song’s heartfelt lyrics, intoned by rich vocals, is an eye-opening reflection of the world’s reality in the age of social media. Serro has consistently dropped heartfelt songs such as this for the past 5 years and her album is set to have the same soulful sound.

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Announcing the release on Twitter, she also shared the album’s art.

Speaking about the release, Serro said, “I hope that the song will spark a conversation based on honesty and truth. I hope it inspires people to share their own truth so that we can all learn to be more understanding.”

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The COVID-19 pandemic is changing how we interact and engage especially in ‘gathering heavy’ situations such as concerts where most artists make a big percentage of their money. As such, online concerts are becoming a big part of our current music culture.

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In the following weeks, Serro will share the album’s tracklist, the inspiration behind each song, the production team and a pre-release performance event to be live-streamed through her socials. The album will be available for Pre-order on Spotify, iTunes/Apple Music, and Boomplay from 16th May 2020.

“I honestly can’t believe that I’m even announcing this; (it’s been) a labour of love for the last 3 years and I’ll finally be sharing it with the world,” She added.


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