Kongo Mosque is the oldest mosque in East Africa.

It is a Sunday afternoon in Diani, Kwale county. Temperatures are at 30 degrees Celsius, the skies are clear and the beach is dotted with day visitors. One is requested to respect the Islamic rights and way of worship any time you visit this site. This is the historic Kongo mosque. The mosque stands about 100 metres from the Indian ocean and is believed to have been built and used by early Arab merchants for prayers, as they toured the east coast in the 14th century.

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Exterior of the mosque

Previously know as Diani Persian Mosque, this holy place is said to have been deserted after the Arabs left the Coast in the 14th century. It was later re-discovered 300 years ago. The mosque is said to be among the last surviving remnants of the Swahili civilizations that once controlled the coast and one of the last coral mosques in existence. Kongo mosque was named after two things; the nearby Kongo river and after Swaddiq Kongo, a Muslim faithful buried near the site.

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This is just one of the attractions complimenting Kwale as a tourist destination. All variants of tourists visit the area in appreciation of its rich history.

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