Sitted still to the south of Lake Baringo, is a saline, alkaline basin of water namely Lake Bogoria. This legendary lake is situated almost a thousand meters above sea level. It is a renowned budding location in Kenya and due it its favorable conditions, it is a home at times to the world’s largest population of the lesser flamingos. Not only that, this lake boasts of over 400 other species of birds making it the ideal bird watching spot in Kenya.

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The lake gives out a breathtaking reflection of blue-ish hills which skirt the water body. The founding father of Kenya, the late Jomo Kenyatta was a frequent visitor of the picturesque hills. The purity of the lake plays a vital role in creating the wonderful vegetation that is to be found in this region. The shoreline and associated acacia woodland provide critical habitat for the endangered Greater Kudu and other mammals. Not to forget the geysers that surround the lake’s shore which add to the uniqueness of Lake Bogoria.

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The Tugen and Njemps pastoralists have occupied the hills that surround the lake for several decades and they still strive to protect and follow their traditions and practices. To them, the hills and the lake are a historical site with an untold story.

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