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Lamu residents praise mobile, virtual courts for enhancing access to justice

Residents of Lamu East Sub county have lauded the introduction of mobile and virtual court systems citing significant improvements in access to justice within the region.

For years, the residents of Lamu East have faced logistical hurdles in reaching the Lamu Law Courts, creating a barrier to justice for many.

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Transportation challenges and the considerable distance to the existing legal facilities have been longstanding issues, hindering the timely resolution of legal matters for the local population.

The recent implementation of mobile courts has been a game-changer, bringing justice closer to the communities in Lamu East.

The mobile courts, equipped with the necessary infrastructure, have been deployed to various locations within the subcounty, offering a convenient and accessible platform for legal proceedings

In addition to the mobile courts, the integration of virtual court systems has further expanded access to justice.

Residents can now participate in legal proceedings remotely, reducing the need for physical appearances and overcoming geographical barriers.

This has proven especially beneficial for those in remote areas who may have otherwise struggled to attend court hearings due to transportation constraints.

Community leaders and representatives have echoed these sentiments, emphasizing the need for a permanent court structure within Lamu East to cater to the long-term legal needs of the residents.

As Lamu East Subcounty continues to experience the positive effects of these advancements in the judicial system, there is optimism that the government will heed the calls for a permanent court facility.

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