Lamu Women Rep calls for Ksh 225M water project audit

Lamu Women Rep calls for Ksh225 million water project audit

Lamu County Women Representative Ruweida Obo has demanded an audit of the current County Government’s Ksh 225 million water development project.

This follows a massive campaign by Governor Fahim Twaha to launch the project across various water insecure areas in the county.

The water piping development project also dubbed locally as “Mai Mekoni” has been supported and opposed in equal measure by local leaders with some wondering whether the funds are coming from the county development kitty or through a World Bank Water Fund countrywide programme.

Speaking in Amu Island, the women Rep castigated the manner in which the governor is launching projects claiming the water projects are Water Fund sponsored.

The county government on its part had set aside Ksh 225 million in its 2020/2021 annual budget to fund various projects across the county in a bid to tackle water insecurity in the region.

She said that the current county government had hoodwinked the public into believing the projects were being funded by the county, yet they are being funded by a different entity.

“The county government needs to be queried for passing off national government projects as their own, raising the question of how they used county funds allocated for water projects,” she said.

Her sentiments were echoed by nominated MCA Amina Kale who said that the county government’s implementation of water projects needs to be audited.

“The Lamu Water and Sewerage Company is already under investigation for misuse of funds and its CEO in disrepute for being in office without proper qualifications,” Kale stated, adding that a special audit is needed to ensure county funds are not being siphoned using water projects.

Lamu Governor Fahim Twaha, however, stated that there is no cause for alarm as all funds meant for the water projects are already coming from the National Treasury.

He stated that his political rivals were seeking a mileage by discrediting county government projects and urged them to desist and engage in providing development solutions to Lamu residents.

“It is inconceivable that some politicians would seek political mileage by criticizing a county government initiative aimed at resolving water scarcity and insecurity in areas such as Faza, Kiunga, Kizingitini and Mokowe,” he said.

He warned political leaders against politicizing development and lauded the gains that the county has made through devolution, which he noted has enabled speedy implementation of water projects.


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