Late Cabinet Minister Joe Nyaga’s son to join Presidential race

The son of former Cabinet Minister, the late Joseph Nyaga has joined the race to succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta in this year’s General Election.

Jeremiah John Mwaniki Nyaga, 44, said he will launch presidential bid in this August election as an independent candidate.

He said that the main reason to vie was to accomplish what the father started.  The late Joseph Nyaga vied for Presidency in the 2017 General Election.

He said that is main agenda would be to fight corruption saying he has never worked with the government or been involved in any corrupt deals.

He added that Kenyans are tired of corrupt leaders and yearned for a leader untainted by past misdeeds.

He said that if Kenyans can elect leaders without the money factor-Kenya would be able to cleanse itself off corruption.

He said despite Mt Kenya having leaders like Speaker Justin Muturi and Mwangi Wa Iria, who he had no no issues with, there was need for him to come out and tell Kenyans what his father wanted.

He also added that Mt. Kenya leaders were confused and should stop glorifying other leaders – betraying their own adding that those singing “Hawapangwingiwi” should know by now that they have already
sold their birthright.

He said that he would be forming a third force that represents a large number of Kenyans who do not even know who to vote for.

He added that the coalitions that are being formed will be realized during the run-off in the presidential race.


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