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Law is lenient on drug war, Pastor Dorcas says

The spouse of the Deputy President Pastor Dorcas Rigathi

Pastor Dorcas Rigathi expressed concern that the laws in the country were soft on drug peddlers, drug barons, brewers of illicit brews, and sellers of second generation brews.

Speaking during a clergy meeting at a church in Kabete, Kiambu County, on Tuesday, Pastor Dorcas said, “The law is very lenient to the murderers of our children.”

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She vowed to push against the tide of addictions through the campaign she initiated last year dubbed ‘the boy child program’ with both preventive and curative programs.

“If the law does not fight it, we shall fight spiritually. We must give hope, strengthen and encourage them,” she said. Already, the office of the spouse of the Deputy President (OSDP) has rehabilitated tens of men from addictions from different parts of the country.

She also challenged the church to speak out against the vices working against the welfare of Kenyans, especially the youth. “A mature church speaks the truth, and the church must start speaking,” said Pastor Dorcas.

The 6th Bishop of Mt. Kenya South, Canon Charles Muturi, under the Anglican Church who hosted her commended her for the fight against addictions.

The Anglican Church in that region has also started two programs seeking to empower the boy child and fight alcoholism. The programs are dubbed ‘Kanisa Madukani’ and ‘Kanisa Mashinani’.

“We do not seek fame but we must fight for our children and save our brothers and children, for the glory of God. As the church, for many years, we kept quiet and watched as alcohol was brought to our neighbourhoods, and sold to our children,” said Bishop Muturi.

Bishop Muturi reminded the church that ‘it is easier to build a boy than repair a man’.

Deputy Governor-Kiambu Rosemary Kirika warned the residents against consuming alcohol because of the health ailments the drinks caused the body.

Kabete MP Githua Wamacukuru said that alcohol had robbed the area of their fathers, sons and children.

Area MCA Grace Hinga decried the alcoholism in Kabete, speaking for hundreds of mothers and fathers in the area who had buried their children because of illicit brews.

“I buried my eldest son last year because of alcohol, and the wound is still very fresh. We are burying our soul , and blood. As you (Pastor) Dorcas fight this dragon, know it is a big dragon. We are very bitter as mothers of Kabete,” said MCA Hinga.

Pastor Dorcas and the OSDP also held a medical camp targeting those in addictions at the Kibichiku Secondary School Grounds in Kabete.

Hundreds turned up for the exercise that included VCT, eye checkups, ENT, blood pressure, and general body checkups among others. Similar medical camps have been held in Kisii, Nairobi, Mombasa, Kiambu, and Embu.

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