Learn a thing about the Maasai jewellery-making culture

Maasai jewellery is exclusively crafted by women.

The Zurura duo of Nic and Asheeko were in Kajiado this week to explore Maasai beadwork; why the Maasai concentrate on the jewellery-making art and how it is done. The Maasai art of jewellery-making is done exclusively by women. All the beaded belts, head accessories, necklaces and home décor pieces are made by women. But did you know that the Maasai colours used each have a meaning? Green represents land, Red represents unity, White represents purity, Blue represents energy and Orange represents hospitality.

The jewellery-making art is passed down through the female lineage. It is all learnt through watching and practising. Making the pieces can take anywhere from one hour to two months. So next time you’re heavily bargaining for a Maasai accessory, consider the painstaking time it takes to make each piece.

Zurura episode four also enlightens us on the gendered role of a Maasai woman in the community. The Maasai woman takes care of the livestock and rears the children to the best of her ability.

Watch Zurura episode four here:


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