Kevin Mboya and Pancras Karema

Kevin Mboya, the man who went viral this past week for having travelled to surprise his girlfriend with a bouquet of flowers, has been given an all-expenses paid trip to Mombasa sponsored by Expedition Maasai Safaris limited.

The company shared a photo of Kevin with the company’s CEO Pancra Karema with the caption, “Kevin Mboya went to surprise his girlfriend on her birthday but she didn't show up. We gave him a Me-Time vacation to console and heal. We hope he will come back stronger.”

Pancras Karema, the Expeditions Maasai Safaris CEO while presenting the holiday voucher to Kevin said he wants him to forget about the lady who broke his heart.

"Our customers have spoken. They want us to console Kevin Mboya ndio arudi soko. We will fly him to Mombasa for three days for an uninterrupted beach getaway with flights, accommodation, meals and all drinks on us. By the time he is coming back to Nairobi, he won’t even be remembering the name of that girl who broke his heart." 

Mboya became a national sensation after sharing on Twitter that he intended to surprise his girlfriend, sharing a picture of a bouquet of flowers. The post later went viral when Kevin did not share an update for more than 48 hours.

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