Kenyan comedian njugush is facing criticism over his latest collaboration with Equity Bank. The comedian posted a video encouraging parents to use the bank to pay for back-to-school shopping and school fees.

The video was not received well by his fans or a number of Kenyans, especially on Twitter, who claimed the collaboration was meant to sanitise the bank’s image following the growing number of fraud cases associated with the bank.

On Saturday, amid growing concerns, the bank released a statement saying that any incidences of fraud were taken seriously and reiterated their continued dedication to their customers.

“...we wish to assure you that any incidences of fraud raised are taken seriously and acted upon. We follow the due process to resolve the cases and always keep our customers informed and updated when the cases are closed or are still under investigation in liaison with relevant security authorities,” the statement from the bank read in part.

Adding, “We assure all our customers of our commitment to our relationship and the opportunity you have given us to be your financial partner of choice.”

Twitter has yet to be mollified, however, as the #BoycottEquityBank continues to trend on the app.

Following the backlash the comedian called for calm, later retweeting a fan who had defended him. The tweet in question read, “To be fair to Njugush, he was not sanitising the bank after the recent issues. He began his campaign way earlier.”

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