King Perry

Nigerian artist King Perry, the first artist from the Artsplit, Mad Solutions and Engage partnership, has announced the release date for his debut EP “Continental Playlist” on February 10.

Paired with the announcement, Perry released a new single “On God” which seems like a testament to his intent. He points to the motivation to his hustle, acknowledging God as his biggest support system. 

“Dem ah wonder how man been grinding,

I just dey dey number my blessings,

That's why I feel irie, I thank God for the journey,

 I thank God for air I breathe,

I thank God for family” 

Unfiltered and raw, “On God” finds King Perryy coming to terms with his rising stardom in real time. 

Describing the track as a “celebration of growth and gratitude,” King Perry says, “It is me reflecting on my journey, how far I have come and how much further I will go with God by my side.  Regardless of our various pursuits, we can all relate to this song.” 

The singer first made waves in 2018 with his song "Man On Duty.” In 2021, he took the scene by storm again with his debut album “Citizen of the World”, and since then, King Perryy has continued to curate sounds uniquely his own, and sounds that are sure to have listeners captivated from the first listen.

The EP is available for pre-save/pre-order here.

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