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Popular Tanzanian musician Harmonize, affectionately called “Konde Boy” by his fans, is set to arrive in the country for a performance in Embu over the weekend. This will be the musician’s first time in Embu and his first trip to Kenya this year. 

Taking to his socials to announce his plans, he wrote, “Watu wangu wa Embu....tarehe nne mwezi wa Februari, tukutane pale Java Blue, Embu. Pande za mlima Kenya. Don't miss out. It's gonna be fun! See you there,”

He is scheduled to arrive at midday on Saturday, February 4, accompanied by his manager and band.

Harmonize recently collaborated with singer Ibraah on his new song “Tunapendeza” currently streaming on all platforms. Additionally, within the last few weeks, he has also released two new songs and music videos including “Best Friend” and “Wote.”

Despite his continuously updated music catalogue, Harmonize has been in the news for the last few days over his controversial on-and-off relationship with Kajala Masanja, an actress and film star in Tanzania. As of Wednesday, the couple are "off", again!

He will take the stage in Embu at midnight in an event set to be Deejayed by Pierra Makena and Creme de la Creme.

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