Shaffie Weru

Shaffie Weru is coming clean about a number of issues including his firing and the media landscape in general in his new show called “Shafted” available for viewing on his Youtube channel.

In the show’s debut episode, Shaffie “interviews” himself - being both the guest known as “The Bad Boy of Radio” and the interviewer - to talk about his widely controversial and headline-making firing in 2021.

Easing into the discussion, the media personality said that at the time of his firing, he didn’t believe that what he had done was wrong.

“The reality is, at that particular time when I was saying it, I didn't believe I was on the wrong but looking back…no one shafted me I shafted myself…the funny thing is that I had done that story before…because it was an ongoing case…on that particular day it was just a follow-up.”

The former Homeboyz presenter also added that the case had been part of his rundown sheet and considered it worth talking about. He, however, admitted that how he said was wrong.

“...when you're doing your prep you look at the big things that are in the paper that are hidden and are worth talking about but it came out wrong and I'm sorry. I'm in this position right now because of that one incident and I don't blame anyone for it…”

Shaffie Weru’s firing

Shaffie and his colleagues Dj Joe Mfalme and Neville Musya were fired from Homeboyz radio in 2021 for what the company called “gross misconduct and an egregious breach of the company’s editorial policies.”

The three had been hosting the “Lift-Off” morning show when the discussion turned to an ongoing court case in which Eunice Wangari accused Moses Gatam Njoroge of pushing her out of the window of the 12th floor of a building on their first date, allegedly after she rejected his sexual advances.


During the show, Shaffie, in a bid to begin a debate said, “Do you think Kenyan chiles [women] are too available, are they too loose, too willing, too desperate and that's why they get themselves caught up in such situations?"

The comments did not go over well with listeners who said his comments were misogynistic and tantamount to victim blaming. 

The Communication Authority of Kenya later said upon review that the show was “guilty of glorifying sexual violence against women.” The authority suspended the radio show for six months and fined the station one million Kenyan shillings.

Watch the full episode below.

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