Nicki Minaj

Music magazine Billboard has crowned Nicki Minaj the greatest female rapper of all time. 

The publication released its 'Top 50 Greatest Rappers of All Time' on Wednesday, in honour of hip-hop’s 50th anniversary. 

The Greatest-of-all-time (GOAT), according to Billboard is Jay-Z who comes in at the top of the list, followed by Kendrick, Nas, Tupac and Eminem filling out the top 5 positions.

Meanwhile, Nicki came in at number 10, officially making her the only female in the top ten list and therefore, the greatest female rapper of all time. 

Explaining Minaj’s entry, Billboard wrote:

“Over a slew of genre-bending albums (Pink Friday, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, The Pinkprint) and killer guest verses (most famously on Kanye West’s “Monster”), Nicki has defended her title for over a decade, with incredibly animated flows and alter egos – from the soft-spoken, pink-haired Harajuku Barbie to the volatile Roman Zolanski with the British cockney accent. She’s undeniably blazed the trail for the next generation of female MCs, while at the same time, building a legacy whose impact is hardly limited to the hip-hop world: Nicki is one of only a dozen artists to have more than 100 Billboard Hot 100 entries, and earned the MTV Video Vanguard Award in 2022 for her provocative music videos.”

Coming in at number 19 and the second woman on the list is Missy Elliot.

Minaj recently featured in Fifa’s Fan Festival anthem “Tukoh Taka.”

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