Dr Helen Gathogo

Not reporting Female Genital Mutilation cases is one of the many reasons hindering the end of this retrogressive cultural practice despite the formation of many organizations aimed at ending the vice.

The government has blamed it on strong cultural beliefs where even those in the authority shy away from keeping off their traditions to do the right thing.

The fight against FGM has been on and by last year it was expected that there would be no cases being reported on the same.

However, it has emerged that the practice is still on and interestingly the issue of not reporting has emerged as the biggest catalyst for the war against protecting young girls from the cut.

During the Commemoration of the International Day for Zero Tolerance of FGM held at Doldol in Laikipia North It emerged doctors are reporting eight out of ten of the women who are giving birth have undergone FGM.

According to Anti-FGM Board Chairperson Surum Ipato there need for a collaborative approach towards this campaign where men who are the custodians of the culture need to be brought on board together with the set government and non-governmental organizations if this war is to be won.

One more day safe house executive director Dr Hellen Gathogo noted that the many organizations involved should forge a way forward on how to work together without competition and also involve the girls who are the victims and who can stand and fight this culture and be ambassadors to their colleagues.

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