Scene fro "Pepeta"

The final episode of the Sports drama “Pepeta” is currently streaming on Showmax. 

Since premiering in November 2022, Pepeta has received praise from Kenyans, including Senator Milicent Omanga and filmmaker Philip Karanja, who praised it for its storytelling, authenticity and relatability.

Reacting to the praise from Kenyans show producer and creator said the support from Kenyan viewers had been overwhelming adding, “As artists, at the end of the day, all that matters is how the art has been received.”

Director Vincent Mbaya said that seeing the comments and reactions from people who have watched “Pepeta” reassured him that they had told a good story well. “How I wish every Kenyan would watch this show; I have seen people who swore they never watched local content be converted,” Mbaya said. “Audiences in the ghetto and those who lived there before completely relate to the story; audiences not exposed to that part of the world are finding themselves empathetic and fascinated at the same time. It goes to prove that we can do even more.”


“Pepeta” head writer Damaris Irungu said she always knew the show was going to be a hit but hadn’t anticipated just how much the story would resonate with the audience. “They journeyed with our characters and rooted for them; they connected with the themes and the failed system in slums like Kibera. My heart is full that Pepeta hasn’t only entertained but has moved hearts to the plight of our characters and the realities of our world.”


All 8 episodes of “Pepeta” are now streaming on Showmax.

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