Stills from Single Kiasi S2/Showmax

Single Kiasi Season 2 has premiered on Showmax picking up from where season 1 ended.

Here’s what to expect this season.

To recap the “Single Kiasi S1”  finale ended with their reunion dinner, Eric found out that his wife Rebecca was cheating on him with a hotshot celebrity; Sintamei found out she was pregnant after her clandestine affair with her young intern; while Mariah’s relationship with J.K took another big blow.

In season two, seeking a fresh start, Sintamei becomes her own boss when she makes good on her goal to start her own firm. This leads to a reunion with an old friend (Grace Wacuka), who buys a majority stake in the new venture. All the while, Sintamei eagerly anticipates motherhood and accepts the likelihood of raising her child alone.


Mariah on the other hand, having endured the final rejection from J.K., makes a life-changing decision and resumes a life of carefree adventures with her loyal cousin Ritchie (Kevin Maina) by her side. Ritchie expands his horizons by playing the field in an effort to find a life away from his sugar mummy’s beck and call.

 On the other side of town, Rebecca and Eric’s marriage is at its lowest point. Despite her best efforts at reconciliation, Eric behaves erratically in an effort to get even with her for cheating on him. Things get even more complicated when Eric introduces a new woman in his life, who takes pleasure in Rebecca’s suffering.


Joining the three ladies in their never-ending relationship drama and entanglements in Nairobi are Ian Mbugua as a witty, sophisticated doctor that Mariah is set on wooing; Fidel Maithya as a college professor who takes a liking to Rebecca; and Quincy Rapando as Sintamei’s new adventurous love interest.

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