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It is well-documented that relationships take patience and commitment but perhaps the foundation of all well-adjusted relationships is the one we have with ourselves. Like every relationship, self-love doesn’t happen overnight, it is a process of continuously working on yourself. 

Here are five ways to maintain a healthy relationship with yourself. 


Accepting who you are is part of self-love. Accepting the fact that you have flaws and so does everyone else is the cornerstone of loving yourself. Perhaps the best way to maintain your acceptance of self is to find your most unique quality. Identify yours and be grateful for it every day.  

Silencio Bruno!

There’s an adorable animation out now called Luca about two very different boys who become friends. In this animation one of the ways one of the characters gets over his self-fear and negation is to say “Silencio Bruno: Silence Bruno” - Bruno is his inner critic. The takeaway from this is that you have to learn how to recognise and silence your inner critic. This is the voice of negativity and self-sabotage. 

Live for yourself and not other people

Jack Canfield said, “What other people think about you is none of your business” and that is the kind of mantra you need to truly be yourself. At the end of the day, you have to live with the consequences of your choices.

The comparison game is not your friend

Everyone is on a different journey, learn to appreciate your own. Start by looking at how far you’ve come and appreciating the progress you have made. If you want to be in a better place or improve, then make a plan and dedicate yourself to that goal. Eventually, you’ll get there.

Be kind to yourself

Sometimes, we can be our own worst critics. The worst thing about this is that when we go through these moments of self-doubt and insecurity, we tend to be harsher in our judgement of others as a strange method of making ourselves feel better. Practising kindness towards other people is one way to be kind and mindful of ourselves. 

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