Lamu Cultural Festival
Donkeys are a major means of transportation in Lamu.

There was pomp and colour in Lamu Island as thousands of residents and visitors turned out to witness the unique donkey race which is a rare sport in the country during the Lamu cultural festival.

The Competition normally showcases the donkey's speed and participants are usually as young as 11.  

Traditionally the Donkeys are among one of the major means of transport within the islands and are part of the rich ancient history of Lamu. 

During this year's festival which was organized by the Lamu County Government led by Governor Issa Timammy and graced by Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi, two young boys tied for the top position. The two are Abdulswammad Bakari and  Mohammed Fuad.

Additionally, security was tight along the seafront with police, Lamu county enforcement officers, and volunteers keeping guard along the race route to prevent obstruction and accidents.

Tourists both local and foreigners turned up and joined the residents in cheering on the participants. The two winners later did a victory march on the streets of Lamu with their supporters and donkeys.

Speaking about the competition, Fuad who is 13 years old and in class six from Kizingitini Island in Lamu East said he was happy to win the donkey race despite the fact that he was the last at the beginning of the race.

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