Mangroves on the Kenyan coast

With its headquarters in Watamu, Kilifi county, the Dabaso Creek conservation group is keen on mangrove restoration. 

According to a report done by the World Bank, mangroves provide endless benefits for communities. They protect communities from the impact of climate change and generate income through ecotourism and its products, such as mangrove crabs, syrup and crackers.

They are also a great weapon against climate change; UNEP estimates that global mangrove forests sequester within their roots, trunks, and in the soil as much as 22.8 million tons of carbon each year.

In addition to habitat restoration, the Dabaso group also runs businesses such like an eco-restaurant, canoe riding and bird watching. The group also offers volunteering opportunities for those interested in conservation, similarly, it is a great destination for eco-tourists.

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