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Lobby group to accelerate green energy investments in Africa

Green energy think tank, Enzi Ijayo Africa Initiative has embarked on a quest to forge partnerships that it says will help upscale green energy investments in Africa.

Launched on the sidelines of the Africa Climate Summit 2023, Enzi Ijayo Director Charles Wanguhu said the initiative seeks to foster energy transition policies and solutions that are inclusive, equitable, accountable and contribute to socio-economic development in Africa.

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“Enzi Ijayo will not only conduct action-oriented research on context appropriate policies and community-led solutions for energy transition, but will also convene and work with key actors in the energy eco-system to provide evidence centred solutions and advocate for progressive policy,” said Wanguhu.

According to Wanguhu, the platform will provide actionable outcomes to push Africa connect her people to the green power grid at the time studies forecasts that just above a half a billion Africans will remain unconnected in 2030.

A survey by Enzi Ijayo has outlined basic challenges hurting the continent’s energy sector, including low access rate, heavy reliance on expensive thermal plants and the region’s vulnerability to fluctuations in global fuel prices, making it susceptible to economic instability.

It is estimated that Africa is in need of at least Ksh 100 trillion ($700 billion) annually in investment to adequately respond to challenges hindering green energy transition.

Enzi Ijayo however insists that African governments must set up an enabling policy environment that promotes renewable energy, investment, and infrastructure development.

“These should include clear targets, financial incentives, and streamlined regulations. Additionally, fostering innovation and supporting research in renewable technologies is crucial,” he added.

Statistics show that Africa has an almost unlimited potential of solar capacity (10 TW), abundant hydro (350 GW), wind (110 GW), and geothermal energy sources (15 GW).

The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) estimates that renewable energy capacity in Africa could reach 310 GW by 2030; which would put the continent at the forefront of renewable energy generation globally.

Some countries like Kenya are already ahead of the pack in harnessing renewable energy potential, with 86 percent of its power mix being green.

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