Local Mandera teachers deny claims of discrimination

Non local teachers in Mandera have castigated their colleagues who fled the region on grounds of insecurity and discrimination.

The tutors drawn from private and public schools in the county told the press on Tuesday that claims made by the teachers who left the region after suspected Al Shabaab killed two of their colleagues in Qarsa primary school in Wajir County were unfounded.

Patrick Mwiti, the principal of Ibnu Hajjir Integrated Academy denied allegations that locals were discriminating non-locals in buses and in buying goods from shops at a hiked price compared to the natives.

Mr Mwiti has been a teacher since 2011 and lives barely 200 meters from the Somalia border. However, he claimed that he had never encountered any mistreatment from the locals.

He further added that the 123 teachers currently in Nairobi are only seeking transfers to areas near their homes and nothing more.

Mwiti said the school has 16 tutors, 12 of them being non local whom he said are contented with the area and will serve the community with dedication.

In Joy Start Academy, the proprietor of the school Debra Adala asked the over 700 non local tutors in the region to solve their problems amicably without tarnishing the image of the local community.

Debra added that every part of the world faces its own unique challenges which need to be addressed diligently without tarnishing anyone’s name.

The school has 20 teachers, only one being a local.

Mandera West sub County Director of Teachers Service Commission (TSC) Mohamed Tullo Ali, denied allegations of sexual harassment on non-local female teachers.

He claimed that there were no records at Takaba police station registered by anybody on sexual harassment and were no reports on the same to his office.

Tullo said out of the 49 primary schools head teachers, five are non-locals, 20 deputy head teachers out of which 10 are females.

Zueyer Abass Sheikh, Head teacher Takaba primary school refuted such claims over sexual harassment by a non local teacher Millicent Odhiambo and said he was a man of integrity and the claim was an incitement to the public and a means of soliciting for mercy to get a transfer.




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