London distillers launch two new premium products in Kenya


Beverage Manufacturer, London Distillers (k) Ltd has launched two new premium products into the Kenyan Market.

Dubbed, Safari Iceberg Crazy Cool Silver and Safari Iceberg Guarana Blue; the ready-to-drink beverages will offer the Kenyan consumer the perfect blend of Vodka, Guarana and Lemonade at a relatively affordable recommended retail price of Ksh 125 .

Available in a 330ml stylish can, the vodka-based brands with an alcohol percent of 8%, marks 25th brands under London Distillers- a leading manufacturer of safe, quality and standardized alcoholic beverages, in the region.

Speaking During the launch of the Safari Iceberg Crazy cool Silver and Safari Iceberg Guarana Blue, London Distillers Director, Rita Galot Paraihar said;

“Over the recent past, the manufacturing sector has seen significant growth due steps made by the respect ministry and other key stakeholders in the sector. This has in turn; led to improved quality controls and increased research and development efforts in a bid to compete with global brands. Coupled with an ever expanding middle class and increasing disposable income; the Kenyan consumer’s appetite for premium products has been on an upward surge. That said, we hope through these new products- Safari Iceberg Crazy Cool and Safari Iceberg Blue Guarana- the discerning Kenyan consumer will get a variety to pick from in the Pre-mixed spirits.”

Currently, London Distillers is one of the leaders in their industry but Ms. Galot believes with new investments, its market share could grow to significantly percent in the next five years.

In line with London distillers stringent quality checks, the privately owned manufacture has spent up to the tune of Ksh 1 billion to make sure the product making to the market meet the required standards. Commenting on this, London distillers, General manager, Sales and Marketing, Mr.  Pardeep Soni said; “ Current Global trends show that a majority of the consumers are going for ready to drink drinks which has led to increase in demand for premium products.”

Mr. Soni echoed: “Safari Iceberg Crazy Cool and Blue Guarana, will not only help London Distiller grow its market share but also penetrate parts of the market previously out of the company’s reach. The research and development of these brands has been a process that has span over a year with a lot of time and consideration going into the product.”

London Distillers Country Sales & Marketing Manager, Mr. Sanjay Mahajan said:  ‘This product is the perfect choice for the modern, middle-class looking for a upbeat & sophisticated alcoholic beverage. Kenya offers a ready market for new products due to the diverse and increasingly globalized nature of the consumers who are ready for choice. Their different lifestyles demand a choice of premium products produced to global standards. We believe through Safari Iceberg Crazy Cool and Safari Iceberg Blue Guarana we can deliver this to the Kenyan Consumer”



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